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We are Alice and Eric, a.k.a. the dynamic duo, a husband and wife photography team. After meeting each other in 2000, we had become inseparable life partners and soul mates. We decided to tie the knot in 2006 and a year later founded Serendipity Photography. Since then, we have shot over 300 wedding and countless portrait sessions, met many amazing people, visited quite a few interesting places around the world, had two adorable and crazy kids at age 6 and 3, a girl and a boy respectively.

Random facts about us: wild about spicy Asian food and old-fashioned hamburgers; prefer homemade meals if someone else does the cooking; hand-wash dishes and use the dishwasher as a drying rack;  think it’s fun to grow loofah in our own backyard; love traveling (without kids) but can’t stand airplanes; like to play hooky from work and go see a matinee once in a while; believe Amazon.com is the answer to all our problems.

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