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Thank you to Amanda and Trent for allowing Serendipity Photography to be part of your special wedding at the Crystal Ballroom and Second Baptist Church! We had such a fabulous time photographing your wedding.

Below are some of our favorite photos that highlight their wedding. We started the day off by shooting at Hotel Icon where the bride, the groom, and the wedding party got ready. The guys really enjoyed showing off their cufflinks. After everyone got glammed up, we all headed out to Second Baptist Church where the wedding ceremony took place. The wedding ceremony was held inside Second Baptist Church’s worship center, which nicely accommodated the large number of wedding guests. In the evening, we all gathered to celebrate at the Crystal Ballroom located in Downtown Houston’s Rice Hotel.

The Crystal Ballroom is a 1913 historic ballroom and was originally the capital of the Republic of Texas. The Crystal Ballroom is stunningly adorned with crystal chandeliers, heroic murals, tall ceilings and a full wraparound terrace. The 5,600+ square foot venue provides more than enough space for a large party, up to 400 guests for a seated meal.

Amanda and Trent’s wedding reception at the Crystal Ballroom was beautifully and professionally decorated with flowers, candles, and romantic lighting. We always love to shoot a wedding at the Crystal Ballroom because it’s such an elegant and spacious venue. If you’re a big fan of golf like the groom, you have to check out the groom’s wedding cake pictured below.

If you would like a full list of vendors that catered to this wedding, the names are listed at the very bottom of this blog. Thanks for reading!


hotel icon houstonpinthis

hotel icon houston, bridal party getting ready, houston wedding, hotel icon weddingpinthis

groom getting ready, houston wedding, hotel icon weddingpinthis

groom getting ready, houston wedding, pinthis

hotel icon houston, groomsmen photopinthis

hotel icon houston, groomsmen photopinthis

second baptist church houston, bridal party photo, houston wedding photographypinthis

houston wedding photography, bride getting readypinthis

houston wedding photography, second baptist church weddingpinthis

houston wedding photography, bride getting ready, Wedding at Second Baptist Church, second baptist church weddingpinthis

father and the bride walking down the aisle, second baptist churchpinthis

second baptist church weddingpinthis

bride and groom walking down the aisle, Wedding at Second Baptist Church, houston wedding, second baptist churchpinthis

second baptist church wedding, bride and groom portrait, houston wedding photographypinthis

crystal ballroom houston wedding, table centerpieces, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

crystal ballroom wedding, houston wedding, wedding reception decor, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

crystal ballroom wedding, wedding reception decor, candle light wedding reception, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

bride and groom first dance, crystal ballroom wedding receptionpinthis

bride and groom first dance, crystal ballroom wedding receptionpinthis

father and daughter dance, crystal ballroompinthis

bride and grooms table, crystal ballroom wedding receptionpinthis

cake cutting, houston wedding reception, crystal ballroom houston, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

groom cake, creative wedding cake, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

crystal ballroom wedding reception, houston wedding photography, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

houston wedding reception, dancing, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

black and white wedding portrait, wedding reception, crystal ballroom, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

bride and groom exit, crystal ballroom houston, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis

wedding rings, houston wedding photography, Wedding at the Crystal Ballroompinthis


Getting Ready:  Hotel Icon
Wedding Ceremony:  Second Baptist Church
Wedding Reception:  Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Photography: Serendipity Photography
Wedding Coordinator:  Something to Celebrate – Lauren Carrillo
Videographer:  Cinema Candy
Cakes:  Who Made the Cake
Florist:  Blooming Gallery
Lighting:  Jonny Black Productions

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Looking for wedding favor ideas for your big day? It can’t be something that’s overdone and your guests will simply toss away once the wedding is over. Or worse, gifts that your guests don’t even want to take home with them. Here are 10 creative wedding favors your guests will love. These wedding favors are not only creative and practical, but also show how thoughtful you are of your guests.


10 Creative Wedding Favorspinthis


1. Personalized Coasters
Coasters are not only useful but can also make great decorative pieces on one’s coffee table. Send your guests home with personalized coasters that include photos from your engagement shoot. It’s a great way to send them home with something that you know they’ll use, and whenever they do, they’ll be reminded of your beautiful wedding.


2. Handmade soaps
Handmade soaps smell great, look beautiful, they’re thoughtful and absolutely useful! You can’t go wrong with soap wedding favors.


3. Prepackaged Tea & Coffee Beans
Almost everyone loves to drink tea or coffee. Why not offer your guests a flavorful drink to take home. has some awesome choices to choose from and you can purchase them in bulk, perfect for any large party.


4. Candy or Cookie Buffet Bar (with takeaway containers)
If you have a thing for sweets, why not show it off with a buffet table filled with your favorite candies or cookies along with takeaway containers. That way, your guests can pick and choose what they would like to take to-go.


5. Personalized Mugs filled with Candy
Like coasters, personalized mugs are also useful and decorative. You can personalize these with a beautiful, meaningful photo. Be sure to fill them with a special treat too.


6. Flip Flops
We ladies don’t always wear the most comfortable shoes, especially to parties where we get to show off our heels and professionally manicured toes. But when our feet start to hurt, having a pair of flip flops to change into would be divine.


7. Flavored Salt
Sea salts can add a lot of flavor to a variety of dishes, making it the perfect addition to any meal. Plus they come in a variety of flavors such as rosemary, bacon, garlic, chipotle, etc. Offer a couple of flavors at the wedding and let your guests choose one to take home with them to try with their cooking. You can also supply your guests with a recipe that goes with each flavor of salt. You can either make these yourself by using an online recipe or purchase them from


8. Sunglasses (for an Outdoor Wedding)
If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, sunglasses make a great wedding favor. Your guests will appreciate you for having these available.


9. Homemade Granola
Give your guests the choice to pick from a mix of flavorful sweet and savory granola. They’ll probably devour this great snack in the car ride home. You can pick from a variety of easy online recipes to use and make these at home. Just fill mason jars with your homemade granola and pop on a label for easy grab and go.


10. Late Night Snack
Instead of sending your guests home with a tangible gift, why not opt for a late night food truck instead! I’m sure they’re already hungry again after a long night of dancing and drinking. Why not indulge in something yummy?


What do you think of these 10 creative wedding favors? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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Congratulations to our beautiful couple:  Jenny and Chris! We were so thrilled to get Jenny’s call immediately after she got engaged. This wasn’t the first time we got to work with Jenny and her family. A few years ago, we had the pleasure to shoot her nephew’s baby portraits in Hermann Park and we had so much fun. She and her family are super sweet and loving, and we were excited to have the chance to work with them again. Jenny and Chris held their traditional wedding ceremony at First Evangelical Lutheran Church and elegant wedding reception at the Petroleum Club of Houston.

We loved shooting at Petroleum Club of Houston’s new location, which is on the 35th floor (Penthouse level) of Total Plaza on 1201 Louisiana.  It offers a great view of Downtown Houston, especially in the evening. We were able to get some really gorgeous shots of the bride and groom right outside the venue. Although Jenny and Chris only held their wedding reception at this venue, the Petroleum Club of Houston also has the space and capability to host any wedding ceremony that has up to 180 guests. They also offer two rooms for wedding receptions: the Wyatt/Aramco Room for an intimate reception of up to 80 guests, and the Petroleum Room for up to 260 guests.

Here are some of our favorite shots from Jenny and Chris’s wedding. If you’re interested in checking out the Petroleum Club of Houston for your wedding or special occasion, you can visit for more information.



First Evangelical Lutheran Church weddings, wedding gown and shoespinthis

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, bridal portraitpinthis

bridal party portraitpinthis

black and white portrait of groompinthis

groom and groomsmen portraitpinthis

bridal portrait, bridal photo, First Evangelical Lutheran Churchpinthis

bridal portrait, special wedding momentspinthis

First Evangelical Lutheran Churchpinthis

First Evangelical Lutheran Church weddingspinthis

Jenny’s super adorable nephew! Check out his baby portraits at Hermann Park on our old blog.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church wedding ceremony, flower girl and ring bearerpinthis

groom at the altarpinthis

bride walking down the aislepinthis

traditional christian wedding, traditional church wedding ceremony, christian wedding ceremonypinthis

christian wedding ceremonypinthis

bride and groom exchanging vows, First Evangelical Lutheran Churchpinthis

First Evangelical Lutheran Church wedding ceremonypinthis

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, bride and groom portraitpinthis

bride and groom portrait, downtown houston wedding,pinthis

wedding bouquet, houston wedding photographerspinthis

Petroleum Club Of Houston, downtown houston wedding, wedding reception decorpinthis

elegant wedding cake, doughnut wedding cake, wedding cake ideas, houston wedding photographerspinthis

Petroleum Club Of Houston wedding reception, wedding reception decorpinthis

bride and groom first dance, Petroleum Club Of Houston wedding, downtown houston weddingpinthis

bride and groom portrait, downtown houston wedding receptionpinthis

downtown houston wedding receptionpinthis

downtown houston wedding reception, cake cutting, Petroleum Club Of Houston weddingpinthis

wedding reception lighting, wedding reception decor, downtown houston wedding, Petroleum Club Of Houstonpinthis

Petroleum Club Of Houston, wedding reception dancingpinthis

Petroleum Club Of Houston wedding, wedding reception dancingpinthis

bride and groom portrait,pinthis

bride and groom kissing, wedding special momentspinthis

romantic bride and groom photo, elegant bride and groom portraitpinthis

wedding exit, bride and groom exit, houston wedding photographerspinthis

black and white bride and groom portrait, Petroleum Club Of Houstonpinthis

bride and groom exit, houston wedding photographers, downtown houston weddingpinthis

downtown houston wedding portrait, dowtown houston wedding, bride and groom portraitpinthis

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So much goes into having a wedding. And everything requires money: wedding dress, venues, photographer, wedding band, invitations, flowers, wedding favors, rehearsal dinner…the list goes on. We understand the last thing you want to do is to add more expenses to the list. But after your wedding is over, all that’s left are the photographs and the wedding dress. Like most couples, you probably went through great lengths to have a professional photographer at your wedding to catch beautiful images. This is exactly why you should purchase a wedding album. It’s important to choose the right way to display and protect your wedding photos. The best way to store your cherished photos is by putting them into a wedding album. With a wedding album, you’ll be able to take a trip down memory lane anytime you want and relive that day from one special moment to another. There are many ways to cut back on your wedding day to save money, but not investing into a wedding album isn’t one of them. Here are the top 5 reasons for purchasing a wedding album.


Top 5 Reasons for Purchasing a Wedding Albumpinthis

Preserving Your Memories

Although it’s hard to image that you would forget any moment from your wedding day, the fact is that memories do fade over time. Especially when it’s been 10, 20 or 30+ years. With the help of a wedding album, you’ll be reminded of all those special moments that made your wedding day unique. Like the rush of emotions you felt as you walked down the aisle. Or that precious speech that was given by the best man. Or that moment when you felt nervous but seeing your best friends there made all the difference. You’ll be able to look through your wedding album at anytime instead of having to search for your digital files. And truth be told, digital copies can be lost. As much as we trust in electronic media to store our important files, remember that CDs and backup files can be lost, corrupted or deleted.


Wedding Albums are Like a Storybook

When browsing through the pages of your wedding album, your friends, parents and children can enjoy the story of your wedding day. This is  great to have for those that weren’t able to be there with you behind the scenes as you prepare for the day or those that couldn’t physically make it to the wedding. Framed photos may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment. Plus, digital photos can sometimes be out of order in the way they were titled and saved. However, a wedding album can be arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end, giving you a storybook feeling from one special moment to the next.


Technology Changes Over Time

Unfortunately, technology does change over time and it changes frequently. Those that captured and saved their wedding day on VHS, floppy disk or 35mm film have a hard time accessing their photos today. Those holding their photos with DVDs and CDs today will likely find them to be obsolete pretty soon. I’m sure you do plan to transfer your images from one form of electronic media to the next as one becomes out-of-date, but honestly, many never get around to it. It is important to have a digital backup of your photos, but traditional wedding albums are a sure way to protect your photos and ensure they will be around for a long time. Plus traditional wedding albums will never become obsolete no matter how much technology changes.


A Keepsake to Pass Down to Your Children and Future Generations

Wedding albums also make a wonderful heirloom to pass down from one generation to another, preserving your family’s history and images of your relatives. You’re probably not thinking that far ahead, but by purchasing a wedding album, you are contributing to your family history.


Albums can be Personalized and Show Your Style

Viewing pictures on a computer screen just isn’t the same as flipping through the pages of an album. Albums stir up much more powerful memories. And albums offer so many different ways in which you can personalize it to your style that digital photos don’t offer: embossing, album cover material (leather, fabric, etc.) and colors, different album sizes, background color, layout and design, storage boxes, etc.


When looking back, the only regret that many couples have is that they do not have enough photographs of their special day. Those who took the time and spent the money to create a wedding album are always happy that they did. With your album, you can quickly show off your wedding photos and talk about your special day. Wedding albums are simply timeless and can preserve your memories for many years to come.

Be sure to ask your wedding photographer to include an album with your package. To find out what packages and album options Serendipity Photography offers, feel free to contact us at

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to our blog. We recently wrote a blog about planning and preparing for your engagement photo shoot. In Part 1, we essentially talked about why it’s important to have an engagement photo shoot, when it is the best time to have one, what locations to consider for the shoot, what to wear, and props for the session. As promised, here’s Part 2 where we’ll discuss things you should do on the day of the engagement photo shoot.

preparing for your engagement photo shootpinthis

Preparing For Your Engagement Photo Shoot
Part 2
: On the Day of the Shoot


Get Glammed Up

First of all ladies, this is your opportunity to get glammed up! Set aside an extra hour or two before your photo shoot specifically for getting your hair styled, and your makeup done by professionals. You don’t need any fancy up-dos of course. And if possible, schedule yourself a mani-pedi the day before. Every detail matters and you’d want to look your best for the shoot. If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera, getting prettied up will definitely help give you a confidence boost.



It’s important for both the bride and groom to not get sunburned on the day of (and on the days leading up to) the engagement photo shoot. So be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin and stay in the shade as much as you can.


Things to Bring With You

Here are some things that we suggest bringing with you to the engagement session that are handy to have.

  • Drinks and Snacks – be sure to eat before the shoot but having drinks and snacks with you will help keep you hydrated and energized.
  • Primp Kit – this is great to have in case you need to make touchups. Things to include: makeup, hairspray, oil blotting paper, bobby pins, and a comb/brush
  • Comfortable Shoes – to change into if the ones you plan to wear might hurt your feet after wearing them for a while
  • A Blanket – something to sit on and to keep your dress/outfit from getting dirty
  • Umbrella – it can make a great prop and/or save you from getting drenched unexpectedly


Plan to Arrive Early

Planning to arrive 15-20 mins early has its benefits. For one, if you live in a city that can have traffic at any time of the day (like Houston), this will help you at least arrive on time and avoid unexpected delays. Getting to the location early will also give you time to scope out the location (even if you’ve already done it) to see if anything has changed and if there are special areas you would like to include or focus on during your session.


Finally, don’t be afraid to have fun! These photos are going to be around for a long time and it’s important that they represent you and your love story well. If you also have ideas, don’t be shy about sharing them with us! We’re always up for trying something new. And if you’re feeling adventurous, we can give you some recommendations as well.

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